DOT Physical Examinations
National Registry DOT Certified Medical Examiner
National Registry Number: 9036172930

DOT/CDL Physical Exams in Matawan, NJ
Dr. Sharon Barnum: A & A Chiropractic

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DOT/CDL Physical Examinations
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Consortium Management

  • We offer DOT and non-DOT drug testing
  • We use our MRO or yours
  • Consortium Management
  • We now offer DOT and non-DOT alcohol testing
  • BAT (breath alcohol technician) CERTIFIED
  • Approved device for confirmation tests

Federal Requirement Certified

  • All drivers must use a Certified Medical Examiner for their DOT/CDL physical and medical certificate. Dr. Barnum has already met these federal requirements and is a Certified Medical Examiner
  • National Registry: #9036172930

At our office, your exam will be thorough, quick and efficient, getting you back on your way. Upon passing the exam, you will receive your certificate at that time.

Our office provides:

  • Hassle free DOT/CDL physical exams
  • Truck driver’s exams
  • Bus driver’s exams
  • In office and onsite exams
  • Laminated medical certificate
  • Truck friendly parking

Services offered:

  • Medical history
  • Physical exam
  • Vision test
  • Hearing test
  • Urinalysis
  • Physical exam interpretation

Important news:

  • If you drive a vehicle over 10,000 lbs, you are required to carry a medical card.
  • We provide the medical exams and issue you the medical card you need to drive a vehicle over 10,000 lbs.
  • If you drive a vehicle over 26,000 lbs, you are required to be drug tested.
  • We provide in office, no wait time drug testing.
  • Blood pressure reading below 140/90 may allow for a 2 year medical card.
  • Keep your BMI < 33 to help avoid sleep apnea testing.
  • Call the office if you would like to know your BMI.
  • If you have an implantable defibrillator you will be disqualified.

Recommendations for the day of the exam:

  • Do not smoke for at least two hours prior to your physical exam.
  • Drink plenty of water prior to the physical exam and stay hydrated.
  • Do not drink coffee, tea, soda or hot chocolate the day of the exam.  WATER ONLY
  • Make sure and take all of your routine prescriptions medications on time.
  • Do not rush your way to your appointment.  Arrive a little early to fill out paperwork.
  • Stay calm and be patient.
  • Dress appropriately and be well groomed.

When arriving for the exam:

  • Bring your current driver’s license with you and one additional form of ID.
  • Know your medical history, past surgeries and all current medications.  (Bring a list.)
  • Bring a list of prescribing doctors for all medications.
  • Bring eye glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids.
  • Be prepared to provide a urine sample.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will I get my Medical Certificate the same day? Yes, immediately upon meeting all the requirements you will be issued a medical certificate. 
  2. Where are you located? We are conveniently located at 52 Tennent Road in Morganville.  Minutes from the Garden State Parkway, Route 9 and Route 18. 
  3. How much is the DOT exam? The exam costs $100.00, this includes the urinalysis.  We accept cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
  4. Do I need an appointment? Appointments are strongly suggested.  If you do not make an appointment, your wait time may be longer, or you may arrive at a time where we do not have office hours.
  5. Is there parking available for my truck? Yes, there is parking next to our building. Also, directly across the street the empty lot fits a tractor trailer. 

For more frequently asked questions and directions to our office, please visit our website: 


I have been seeing Dr Barnum for about 3 months now . She has worked her magic on me for sure . So happy and grateful I found her ! If you need a chiropractor in your life look no further . You will not be disappointed!

Kristian L.

10/10 recommend. I’m the “trouble” patient with issues in multiple areas of my back due to a car accident and the level of treatment I receive from the chiropractor is unmatched from other chiropractors I’ve seen in the past. Personable & friendly, and genuinely cares about your wellbeing along with getting a detailed history to determine the best treatments. I’ve followed her from two locations and will continue to follow her until the end of time due to the quality of services she provides.

Katie M.

Dr. Barnum is the best. She’s been treating me for multiple issues the last few months and I’m significantly better.

Maggie A.

My back was tight and in a lot of pain. After being adjusted, I woke up the next morning feeling much better and able to move around without feeling tight.

Timothy C.

Quick and good service! Got my DOT Exam done for the best price in the area!


“Absolutely great services”
Came here to get my DOT medical examination and it was a quick appointment so I could get back to work !!

Chris S.

I’ve had lower back issues from a herniated disc for about 7 years. I went to see Dr. Barnum about 6 weeks ago after not getting the results I wanted from other chiropractors. Dr. Barnum is very thorough and detailed in her assessment and care. I love the fact that she stresses preventive care (strengthening and stretching) along with medical treatments. I haven’t felt this pain free in years. She is easy to get ahold of and even made sure there was another doctor available when she was on vacation. I will continue to see Dr. Barnum and highly recommend her services. I couldn’t not be happier.

Joseph G.

Dr Barnum is outstanding doctor. Easy to talk to. She really cares about her patients. One of my issues was that I could not move my neck. Within a a few weeks with Dr Barnum I had full range of motion. I highly recommend Dr Barnum.

Ron L.

Great place to get your CDL medical done. Very nice woman at the front desk and the Doctor is terrific. Will definitely go back again.

Vincent M.

I have used Dr. Barnum twice.  She is  top notch in her profession.  I have used her twice for 2 different incidents.  I did try someone else but found myself coming back to  her.  I have found myself referring others to her.  Hopefully will not have a need for. Her again tho.

Jack S.

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